Client Name

Forest Hill Church

Project Date

September 29, 2015

Project Types

Set Design

I built this drum enclosure for the student sanctuary of the South Park campus of Forest Hill Church. The goal was to make it as seamless as possible, because I don’t care for drum shields with vertical seams. I also feel like having the drummer in isolation usually kills the vibe of the band (as in, how they interact with each other), so I wanted to make sure the enclosure was as seamless as possible so that it didn’t feel like the drummer was in a different world.

Total cost was somewhere in the neighborhood of $1300. ~$660 for aluminum tubing, ~$450 for polycarbonate, $70 for wood for the roof, ~$100 for acoustic treatment, then some odds and ends (screws & other hardware).

The ceiling is a combination of 2 inch and 1 inch acoustic foam glued to the underside of 1/4” plywood (which I painted black). I had a few pieces of 1″ left over, so I put it on the wall behind the cage as it’s just a hard and flat wall.